Welcome to the Howling Boutique!


We specialize in colorful, unique jewelry that's handmade from start to finish. This includes our signature line of Painted Glass Jewelry where each pendant, ring, and pair of earrings is hand painted with The Howling Boutique's exclusive nail polishes - also handmade! The vintage inspired Rainbow Bouquet collection has rose rings and stud earrings in a wide variety of colors, plus necklaces accented with glass beads, silver charms, and Swarovski crystals! Supermoon Lacquer is our line of made-from-scratch artisan nail polishes created using quality 5-free and cruelty-free ingredients. Here are just a few reasons why you'll love our products:


The Howling Boutique's handmade jewelry and Supermoon Lacquer nail polishes are all created at our home based studio located in North Texas, USA.

Our jewelry is made with 100% lead and nickel free materials, and only high quality 5-free & cruelty free ingredients are used in our nail polishes.

Nothing is manufactured or mass produced. Each piece of handmade jewelry is individually designed and every bottle of nail polish is mixed and poured by hand.

Our official Facebook group allows us to actively engage with our customers! Their support is beyond amazing and feedback is always highly appreciated!